Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is OrionX?

OrionX is an online course that offers you several clasess to develop your skills. We create collaborations with experts to improve your abilities and prepare yourself for the coming industry era.

Where is OrionX’s office?

OrionX is located in Techarea HQ, Grand Tembalang Regency D4/02, Bulusan, Kec. Tembalang, Kota Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, 50277.

Who can join the program?

We create our programs for talent, founders, and everyone that wants to improve their skills and enhance their knowledge are welcome to join!

What programs that I can learn in OrionX?

We divide our clasess into 4 main topics:

  1. Business Management: We will learn about how to manage your business and it can prepare you for a successful career as a business manager.
  2. Digital Marketing: We will help you to enhance your business updated with digital channels, because digital marketing is a field which things are always progressing and changing, and it’s important to stay updated.
  3. Marketing & Branding: We will learn about how to create your brand stand out and it can help marketing professional build skill for better retaining existing clients and attracting new customers.
  4. Public Speaking: We will help you to prepare being a good public speaker with organize talks clearly, and give them memorable while you’re speaking.

How long is the program?

The duration of our programs are varied, depends on the subject you take. Basically we always put a details explanation about our class, including the duration, price, mentor, and more. If you could not find the info on our poster published on Social Media, please visit our website.

Why didn’t I get any confirmation email / e-ticket after payment?

We always send the confirmation of your payment no longer than 24 hours after you have transferred the exact amount of your bill to our appointed bank account. Please check your promotions or spam folder within that time before you contact us on the phone.

How do I register the program?

Visit our website, choose the program that you want to join, then you can read the details, and last but not least you have to fill the registration form. The next step is  you need to review your order and proceed to payment. Please directly check your email to get your registration receipt and continue to the payment process. After you have transferred the payment, you will receive your e-ticket by email.

What if the class that I chose suddenly postponed or canceled?

Technically we will inform you about this information on one day before the class. If the class get postponed or canceled, we will refund the registration fee at least 7 days of work days after the actual schedule of the current class.

What if suddenly I can't join the class but I've already paid for it? Can I exchange it to another class?

Yes, you can exchange it to another class with the same price. We will not refund if you choose another class with lower price.

What if I want to hand over my seat on the class? Can I give it to my relatives?

Yes, it can be transferred to your relatives and informed us about your relative’s data (their full name, email, and phone number and email it to our email, after that you just need to give them the confirmation e-mail to be shown at the day of the class.